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ICE Alert

The ICE Alert is a portable Medical Alert wallet which fits into a trouser/jacket pocket, rucksack, small handbag, briefcase, computer bag etc and is now supplied with an
ICE Alert key fob.

The best travel companion that you could choose to take everywhere with you, the new
 ICE Alert mini
Designed for everyone of all ages
The ICE Alert was designed to carry all your important health details which can be referred to in the event of an emergency.  It is an excellent reference tool which provides a better picture of your health for the emergency services so they are able to make a more informed decision.

If you collapsed in the street who would know you had an allergy to certain medications?
If you need certain medical handling how would the emegency services know?
How would the emergency services know who to contact i.e. nearest and dearest or emergency contacts?
Do you have a pet at home which would need looking after if you are detained in hospital?
If you collapsed would your partner or friend know what medication you were taking (it is a lot of pressure to put on the ones you love when they are suffering the shock of hearing you are poorly, would they know or remember)?

The ICE Alert mini is designed to stand out in a handbag, workbag etc as the go-to product for the emergency services to refer too.  It might be you already carry a piece of paper concealed on your person or held within a mass of paperwork within a bag with your details noted on it however, this would need to be searched for and may not necessarily depict that this relates to you.

The ICE Alert mini has a personal locator section which enables a photograph of you to be stuck in place, it notes your hair colour, age, sex, eye colour, whether you are deaf or visually impaired and the language you speak.  This helps the emergency services communicate with you more easily.

The ICE Alert is a one person per wallet system, enter the details which you feel would be pertinent to your immediate health.  We have one lady who has had breast cancer and had lymph nodes removed under her left arm she has noted not to use her left arm for drips,  injections or blood taking due to the possibility of arm swelling.

The ICE Alert mini is also a wonderful reference tool for when you visit the Dentist or Optician's and are asked to fill in a new Patient Form.  These forms request your medications and allergies and are easier to fill in when you can refer to your ICE Alert.  It ensures you can provide all the pertinent details which could be valuable for the health provider to know.  If you visit A&E or health clinics and need to provide your health details the ICE Alert is a wonderful device.

If you take medications
  or have allergies or if you have:

Autoimmune conditions
Visually Impaired
Dementia or Memory Concerns
Mental Health issues
or any ongoing health issue

According to our research panel and our customers the ICE Alert mini is 'peace of mind' in a wallet and many will not travel anywhere or leave the house without it.  One of our elderly customer's noted to us that it is has provided her the confidence to leave the house since having her pacemaker fitted and being widowed as her husband would have been tasked to remember her health details. She is on a plethora of medications and felt if she had an episode so wouldn't be able to remember what she was taking, she has had many Paramedic visits recently where she has just handed them her ICE Alert.  She has conveyed the relief it has provided her in those situations when she can just relax and not panic as all the information the ambulance crew need to know is contained in the ICE Alert.

We aim to bring products which we need for ourselves and the designer Denise Anstey (British Female Inventor and Innovator) who suffered a car accident in 1998 and brings products to market which will aid people in their daily lives.

If you purchase an ICE Alert please email us a review for the website and if you would like us to keep in contact with you please fill in our Newsletter Form you can find under the 'Social Media' page.

We are on Twitter and Facebook so please like us and share plus if you would like to see the ICE Alert on the high street near you please ask your retail outlets to stock.

Due to the nature of the ICE Alert, we cannot be held liable for the information and subsequent treatment provided based on the contents noted in the wallet.

The ICE Alert wallet now comes with an ICE Alert key fob which can be added to your keys to alert the emergency services you carry a wallet.
We are always looking at continual product development to bring your the exact product you need.

With this in mind we are also researching whether a sticker would be useful placed just inside the front door to remind people to carry their wallet, please let us know your thoughts. 

We have initially printed our own but we will roll out professionally printed plastic labels if there is a demand for them.
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